Amigo Airsho (November)

Santa Teresa, NM

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Amigo Airsho is one of El Paso’s premier events, and is ranked as one of the top ten air shows in the country. The show is filled with thrilling air entertainment and fun ground activities for the whole family to enjoy. Watch Franklin’s Flying Circus, where performers walk gracefully on the wings of an airborne plane. Prefer the action a little closer to the ground? Keep an eye out for the Jet Powered School Bus. You’ll have to find a new excuse to explain why you were late for class.

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Lowest Crime Rate in US cities with over 500,000 people. 4th year in a row.

Source: CQ Press


National Tourism Quality Performance

Source: Resonance Consultancy


Most Affordable City in Texas

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Top 25 Foreign Trade Zone

Source: Global Trade 2013

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