5 Ways To Do Texas Different: All A's for El Paso
5 Ways To Do Texas Different:  All A's for El Paso

Why El Paso? It’s simple! El Paso promises more for your money. The way El Paso delivers on a budget will spoil you for anywhere else. We can do things the big cities can’t, like offer an authentic tequila tour, Broadway show tickets and Triple-A baseball experience … all without breaking the bank.
Increasingly ACCESSIBLE
El Paso is as West Texas as it gets buts its never been more convenient to get to our getaway. The El Paso International Airport is nationally recognized for its outstanding customer service and is home to 6 major airline carriers. With more than 60 daily flights, El Paso makes it quick and easy to get in and out. Group discounts on fares are available with Southwest and American Airlines.
Do Texas Differently by enjoying all of the outdoor beauty, mild year-round temps and over 300 sunny days a year. The Franklin Mountain State Park in El Paso is the largest urban park in the country and is a nationally acclaimed destination for recreational and elite professional running, hiking, biking, and climbing activities.
From the food to the west Texas heritage, El Paso has a rich, local pride and culture that is warm with hospitality. El Paso creates memories of experiences that make you feel like a part of the community. Visit our mom & pop shops, dive bars, fave restaurants, year-around farmers markets and community events where you can live like a local and leave your tourist fanny at home.
The art and attractions in El Paso are like the heartbeat of the city. Downtown El Paso is the home to a growing renaissance of new music venues, street art installations and contemporary art galleries. El Paso currently has a number of museums with a new multi-million children’s museum on the way! El Paso is only as strong as our region and our region has some of the most beautiful attractions and entreating excursions to include: White Sand Dunes, El Paso Zoo,Hueco Tanks State Park & Historic Site just to name a few. Customized winery, tequila, restaurant, shopping and mission tours are all just a request away.

Explore El Paso Like A Local

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