Three Reasons Tier-Two Cities Make Your Event Better
Three Reasons Tier-Two Cities Make Your Event Better

Choosing the right city for your event can be a difficult task. With budget constraints, travel logistics and sheer number of choices available, it can be easy to default to a larger, more-familiar city to host your event. However, it’s the tier-two cities that prove to be a treasure trove of experiences that are out of the ordinary, and they’re often more accommodating and affordable than their larger counterparts.

Don’t be afraid to challenge the norm! Here’s what you can gain by getting off the beaten path when booking your next host city:

Cities in larger markets usually have many different events happening at once, so it can be difficult for them to give your event the attention it deserves. But in tier-two cities, every event is important, and their DMOs work particularly hard to make sure you and your attendees are more than satisfied. From helping you book hotel rooms to making custom swag or even setting up exclusive tours, DMOs in these less-familiar cities will go out of their way to ensure that you and your group get nothing less than the royal treatment.

Tier-one cities will always have a bigger, “more important” event to take care of. So if you think they’ll kick off your event with something fun like a personalized greeting at the airport, you’d better think again.

One of the best things about tier-two cities is their affordability. Compared to tier-one cities, tier-two cities can offer lower rates for nearly every aspect of your meeting or event. Hotel rooms, meeting and event spaces, transportation, food and beverage, entertainment … it’s all more affordable in these cities. As for after the event, bars and restaurants in tier-two cities tend to be less crowded and less expensive, so you won't have to break the bank to give your group the unique and personal experience they’ve been looking for.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a tier-two city that doesn’t strive to make your event as cost-effective and successful as possible. DMOs in these cities are also generally open to putting in the extra work needed to obtain grants or other perks, giving you the opportunity to make your event even better! For example, secondary-market DMO Destination El Paso utilizes incentives that can often save you money, giving you the extra room in your budget to hire an exciting guest speaker, treat your attendees to dinner and a show or even rent a photo booth and some props to capture the fun.

How can your event be unique if you’re hosting it in the same city as everyone else? There are only so many tweaks you can make to the menu and program to differentiate your event for your attendees. If you truly want to deliver an exceptional experience, host your events in cities that can provide something unexpected and out of the ordinary. More often than not, a unique city equals a unique event.

A big plus to hosting your event in a tier-two city is that your attendees can see a part of the country they may have never seen before, and that’s a great way to build some excitement and create a truly memorable experience. For example, did you know there's a secondary market in Texas with the largest urban state park in the nation? It’s true! In El Paso, you can take a ten-minute ride from the Downtown convention center and hit the trails at Franklin Mountains State Park. Or you could spend an afternoon sipping on margaritas in a hotel with ties to the Mexican Revolution. Or maybe even check out some ghost tours and learn the exciting history of Wild West cowboys, outlaws and gunslingers.

Goodbye, same ol’ Texas. Hello, unique adventure!

Thinking outside the box when choosing your host city means your attendees can enjoy awesome experiences they may have never had the opportunity to before, and that can be the difference maker in setting your event apart from the rest. From treating you like royalty to helping you save money and experience unique adventures, tier-two cities absolutely knock it out of the park when you choose to work with them. So no more hosting your event in the same few cities … it’s time to ditch the tried-and-true for someplace new!

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