Why El Paso is a Dream Destination to Spend Retirement
Why El Paso is a Dream Destination to Spend Retirement

Making the transition to retirement is a rewarding step in life. Your golden years are meant to be cherished and spent doing the things you love with ease and delight. When it comes to deciding where one may choose to spend their years of retirement, there is no better place than sunny El Paso for retirees to call home.

El Paso was recently ranked as the 11th-best city in the United States, and the top city in Texas, for people to spend their golden years, according to a new report by Storage Cafe. El Paso’s high ranking was based on factors that address the quality of life for retirees, such as high life expectancy, low crime rate, cost of living, old-age dependency, retirement income, financial index, and low house prices. 

Factors that helped rank El Paso as a top retirement destination was the city’s average life expectancy at 80.1 years, house prices standing an average $200,000, a reasonable cost of living for seniors with an average income of $25K, and a ranking as the 6th safest city out of the 100 competing metros, among other considerations.  

El Paso outranked several Texas metro areas such as Dallas/Fort Worth, San Antonio, Austin, Houston, and McAllen, and nationwide competitors such as Miami, FL, Syracuse, NY, and San Diego, CA. When compared to the rest of the nation, El Paso has twice the number of attractive qualities that appeal to retirees. With its warm, dry climate, great range of outdoor parks and open spaces, and countless other attributes, El Paso serves as a special city for anyone to call home and make lasting memories in.

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