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4 Best Scenic Drives in El Paso

From roads tucked between beautiful mountains to drives that cut through pecan orchards, these are the 4 best scenic drives in El Paso.

Scenic Drive
Photo by Scenic Drive
Scenic Drive
Scenic dr.
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Known as the best view of the city accessible by car, Scenic Drive wows visitors every time. The winding road skirts around the east side of the mountain offering up some of the most stunning views of the city. The road is cut along the edge of the mountains and traverses the southern tip of the Franklins. One side of the winding road is lined by beautiful stately homes while the other features fabulous views of El Paso and Juarez. Get the most out of your drive by pulling over at the small park and scenic overlook. To access Scenic Drive turn onto Rim Rd. from either Mesa St. or Alabama St.

Transmountain Road
Photo by Transmountain Road
Transmountain Road
Transmountain Rd.

Passing through the protected Franklin Mountain State Park, Transmountain Road is perfectly situated for glorious shows at day’s break and end. Watching an El Paso sunset, especially from Transmountain Road is something that certainly defines a true El Paso experience. Several picnic tables with awnings are offered along the road. The road connects Northeast and Northwest El Paso, so accessing the road is convenient no matter the side of town.

Historic Highway 28
Historic Highway 28
Highway 28

Highway 28 is an old fashioned, two-lane road that runs from North El Paso to Old Mesilla, New Mexico. Lined with pretty pecan orchards that stretch for miles, Highway 28 offers you the unique opportunity to journey back to a simpler time. As you traverse the winding path, chile farms, wine vineyards, and horse and cattle ranches set on idyllic pastures open up before you. It’s a steady, relaxing ride over a beautiful bucolic landscape. So, take your time and take in the scenery. But be cautious; you’re likely to pass a tractor or two along the way.

While the ride itself is a breathtaking spectacle, Highway 28 has a diverse collection of alluring attractions to offer. The road is lined with celebrated wineries, authentic Mexican restaurants and important historical sites that you don’t want to miss out on. Here’s a few stops that you just have to make when riding down Highway 28.

Historic Mission Trail
9065 Alameda Ave.
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The two mission churches of Ysleta and Socorro stand as the oldest working missions in the region. In addition, the chapel of San Elizario, also located along the mission trail is known as an enduring symbol of the more than 400 years of rich history in the area.

Visitors looking for one-stop information spot should visit the Mission Valley Visitor Center. This historic building provides free Wi-Fi, ATM’s, restrooms, Mission Trail information, and a SunMetro transfer location. The center’s staff is knowledgeable and friendly so don’t hesitate to ask for directions or any questions pertaining to the Mission Trail area. The Mission Valley Visitor Center will provide you with everything you need to know for your Mission Trail visit. Restrooms available.

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